I had been using Blogger for quite a while using the iOS app...that pp is no longer available and I am questioning whether or not to move my blog to another site.

The reason?

I have caught the blog bug again and would like to share photos and videos of the travels I do around the American Southwest.  But, I use an iPad (almost exclusively) when I am not at work and do not want to lug my laptop on my adventures.  So I am trying this post through Google Chrome to check the functionality. So far, I am not early impressed. I feel like I had a better (more intuitive) experience when using the previous Blogger app.

Below is a simple photo of the Silver Bridge at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. This is the bridge that greets you on your 8(ish) mile hike out of the Canyon. It has
been edited to give you a sense of its majesty.


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