Profanity in Music

The C-man is 4.  And he likes music.  He makes up songs as he walks through the house or creates his own little soundtrack as he's playing in his room.  The question I have, relates to the content of the music that fills his environment. I grew up listening to whatever my father was playing on the stereo or hi-fi (Steely Dan, Lynrd Skynrd, the Eagles, Three Dog Night, Boston, America, Kansas...the list goes on and on) and THAT'S how I want to raise my a world of music.  However, pop music nowadays is basically a hard-core version of Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get it On".  And I don't need my son listening to sexually suggestive music at 4, but Kindermusik is killing me!

As I got older, I started listening to punk rock music, as I was a SoCal skater kid...I still listen to punk, but for different reasons.  Punk music generally has a message associated with it (I'm not talking about the weepy pop punk crap that most teenie-boppers listen to these days), whether it's suggesting a stick it to the man mentality or a "go your own way" philosophy, it's not generally a "smack your ho" "let's go f**k" message.  So, I let the C-man listen to punk and it's variants.

We rock this one in the morning and jump around the house to get the wiggles out...

He does point out when he hears a curse word, but generally speaking, in punk music, these are simple expletives that possess little meaning.

I guess I'd rather have him sing along with a punk song that has these simple expletives than have him walk around (like I have heard WAY too many little girls do in the past) singing about how he's "not that innocent" or "oops, he did it again".

What IS appropriate for this little developing human being?

I don't profess to know the right answer, but there is one that seems more wrong.


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