Some Changes for Layout

As I search the web and read so many different amazing blogs, I begin to question my own blogging style. So many sites have such wonderful layouts and nifty gadgets, and yet mine sits idly by, looking like something from a government research lab...some interesting content, but the delivery sucks. So I am making some changes.

I am looking into different templates for the site that will allow me to put links where I "feel" that I need them, and place pictures where I "desire". This is the touchy feely stuff that makes ME want to go back to other blogs over and over again, so I am going to figure out how to deliver that to readers of my blog...eventually.

Finally, it is football season (the only sport I watch) and relearning CSS to create my own web templates is going to take some time, and I prefer to blog about the absurdities that fatherhood brings, rather than read about header spacing, so again, it will take some time. I hope to have this blog walking the runway by Christmas. I hesitate to indicate the year, as that is less important to me.



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