So You Think You've Got Hives?

In a previous post, I had noted that over 3000 photos were taken during the past year to document the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. Well, as I was sifting through the plethora of photos, I came across a few photos of Catchr at about 6 months of age and his first run-in with hives.

 Common knowledge has it that hives are caused by some sort of allergic reaction to foods, medicine, pet dander and, in certain curcumstances, extreme heat or cold. You can imagine my chagrin when my pediatrician told us that they may actually be viral!? I had never heard of such a thing, and all of the internet sites I had surveyed focused on the allergic response aspect of hives. This, coupled with the fact that my wife and I had just, within a week or two, started Catchr on rice cereal, led me to believe that my doctor was a crackpot. We were informed that the hives would diminish and disappear on their own in a couple of weeks and if they appeared to "really" bother him, that a small dose of Benadryl was authorized.

 MAKE A NOTE OF THIS: KEEP CHILDREN'S BENADRYL IN THE HOUSE. This was also what the on-call nurse on the pediatrician's emergency line had told us.

 Catchr is pretty even-keeled and took the hives in stride, however they took 4-5 weeks to fully clear up. We gave him Benadryl a few times and discontinued the solid foods until they had completely disappeared. They have never returned, but I did spend quite a bit of time fact-checking that crackpot doctor...he was right. Viruses can also cause hives...and generally this is the cause attributed to an outbreak that was not prompted by any known allergen. The cereal that we had given Catchr was obviously pretty benign, we had no new pets in the house and Catchr hadn't been on any recent nature walks...this led our pediatrician to the conclusion that this was probably the viral type of outbreak. We were also told that they may be back, but that this was simply something that happens to babies and little kids.

 Another "nothing" for new parents to worry about.

 I have attached some photos of Catchr's outbreak for reference...I thought hives would be individual, round bumps...they're not. One other thing, we did put over-the-counter cortisone on some of the more severe hives...this was also recommended.

 A couple of useful links:
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And even some on his beautiful those are the ones that will anger you the most. Who do these hives think they are, messin' with my deadly handsome man?

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  1. just googled hives and infant, and came across your picture, my little boy broke out today too and it was so upsetting, it even spread to his eye within minutes! I gave him a bath and changed his clothes, it started clearing up, then an hour or so later he started breaking out again! So frustrating when you can't find the cause!!!


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