Playtex Sippie Cups are the Best!

So it would seem that I am back to washing multiple "bottle" parts in order to prevent spills and leaks. Playtex sippie cups have an inner valve system (much like the bite valve system of a Camelback, but vacuum/suck activated) that prevents, both, air from entering the cup and liquid from leaving the cup, unless given a good suck by the drinker. I have tried others from Born-Free (whose bottles we used, almost exclusively, from birth) and Nuby, but my son has ended soaked in whatever was supposed to go into his tummy.

The Playtex sippies are actually interchangeable between handle and no-handle cups, so you will not be stuck with a treasure trove of useless parts once your child graduates to non-handled cups. The only con is that the bite valve creates one more part to wash, but it is a small price to pay for a dry, happy baby.


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