Boogars and His Bulb Syringe

Many people have cute nicknames that they give to their children, or that their children have brought home with them from school or gramma's house. Unfortunately, most of these nicknames are borne of some traumatic incident that the child would just as soon forget. It is never a good thing to be branded, "Stumpy" after one's first trip to the locker room in middle school. But those nicknames eventually lose their sting and ultimately become just another term of endearment used by close friends and family...hopefully. Well, Catchr's nickname is Boogars, or Boogs for short.
It's not that Catchr was caught by my wife or I with his finger three knuckles deep in his nugget factory. Or that we caught him sitting quietly in the corner, feasting on handful of nose taffy. His nickname comes from his inability to deal with boogars, in general. He cries. And not just a whimper. He cries like someone stole his bike, kicked his dog and gave him a one-way ticket back to Pennsylvania. He will wake up in the middle of the night simply screaming because of these little nose trolls.

It took my wife and I some trial and error to figure out just what was bothering him. We changed his diaper, fed him, burped him and tried to put him back down for the night. Zip, zero, zilch, he wasn't having any of it. Then an idea came to us.

I am not sure how many of you recall the items you took home from the hospital after your child was born. I am quite sure that everyone had a little knit cap or beanie, maybe a blanket of some sort and about 5 tons of paperwork that made you scared as hell to take your little one home. What if he stops breathing? Do I remember the two hour class I took on infant CPR? Don't ever put him in a crib with a blanket...but what about the swaddle blankie? What if it comes off at night and... Oh the joys of parenthood.

Of all the items my wife and I brought home on that glorious day, none has been more useful than the bulb syringe used during Catchr's first hospital scrub down. The nurses, however, are so proficient at using this device that I had to go back to the video I had recorded of the event to get a good look at the proper operation of the device. It was a mouth-sucker and an ear area sucker. I think they might have even suckered near his armpits and giggle region...again, it was so fast, it is hard to be certain. But most importantly, it was a nose-sucker. It was the boogar-getter.

To this day my wife and I use it on almost a daily basis to keep Catchr happy and breathing free. He has not yet figured out how to blow his nose, so until that time, that trusty nose-sucker is always close by.

If you have an infant, than you need a boogar-getter.


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