The Best Swaddle Blanket: The Amazing Miracle Blanket

After explaining to my wife that I started posting to a blog, I decided that maybe it would be wise to go over some the past products we have used to soothe/placate/entertain our son over the past year. Now, mind you, a year is a long time, and it will take some time to go over all of the successes (and failures). So I will start with the one that my wife and I could not live without...

The Amazing Miracle Blanket!

I know, it sounds a heck of a lot like some poorly constructed off-off-Broadway musical flop, but it could not be farther from it. This swaddle blanket IS the cat's pajamas. It is the King/Queen of all other blankets. No velcro, no zippers, no fuss. Just wrap your little monkey in this thing a BAM; out like a light. Sara (my beautiful wife) and I tried the "swaddle" blankets from Target and other stores, but Catchr (our son) is a big boy (both height and weight) and he would end up "busting out" of the swaddle in the middle of the night and end up with a blanket wrapped loosely around him. Yep. Talk about a nightmare. With all the SIDS info out there, this caused us to reconsider the swaddle technique. Until we found the Amazing Miracle Blanket.

The blanket has much more fabric and wrapped Catchr snug in his swaddle until about 3 and a half to 4 months old. He began rolling over and that prompted our shit-canning of the swaddle all together, but by that time he was sleeping through the night and didn't "need" the swaddle any more.

Here is a link to the blanket website.

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