Ah! She Reads Me!

One of the most amazing things in the world is hearing your child laugh for the first time. I am not talking about the "gas bubble" laugh, but the actual belly laugh that can be elicited only through the most profound buffoonery. Catchr, wheezes when he laughs really hard, which in turn makes me laugh, making him laugh, making me laugh, making him... Well, you get the picture.

The other amazing thing is when I can make my wife laugh (and not just in the bedroom...that actually hurts a little) at something that I have written. I have been told by people that I am a funny individual, but it doesn't mean as much to me as when I'm sitting in my "typing chair" and I hear my wife snickering in front of the computer.

"What's so funny," I ask, not wanting to be left out, and secretly hoping that she is reading a recent post.

"Oh nothing," is usually the answer and I go about my daily routine of sulking about things which mean very little.

Well, yesterday afternoon I received a very distressing email from my wife, that was titled, "It lost its baby..." Since becoming a father, I am pretty sensitive when it comes to parents losing children, and children losing parents, so I was very hesitant to open the email, for fear I would be racked with despair for the rest of my day. I slowly clicked on the message and quickly averted my eyes when I saw that there was an attached picture with something that looked liked a crosswalk with skid marks in the upper left corner.

What sort of sicko did I marry? That was the only thought going through my head as I envisioned my wife bent over some dead animal in the street snapping photos like she was a member of some sort of Eurotrash paparazzi machine. And this is what I saw:

This poor little boogar-getter lost its baby.

She reads me (and later she admitted that it was my blog that she was laughing about).


  1. My wife didn;t read my blog for a long time, then, just as you described I caught her laughing at the computer, only to discover she had finally been reading it. Now she always does, and it scares me......not sure what she'll find. I have to be safer about what I write now...

  2. Some of the best conversation my husband and I have are through our blogs.

    OK, I'm joking. Well, sort of.

    Love the picture of the abandoned bugger blower.

  3. FOMCLMAO!! Too funny! It reminds me of a deployment of mine. We get these holiday videos and this guy's family is telling him about playing fetch with his dog (while holding the picture) and how the ball went into the street just as a car came by. We're all horrified--I mean, this was Christmas, for God's sake--watching this video. Family crying, he's tearing up when his daughter say, "And that's when it happened Dad. We're so sorry (holds up the dog's toy) the squeeker got broken." I nearly fell over laughing.

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